1938 LaSalle Opera Coupe JN


1938 LaSalle Opera Coupe JN


Price $55,000
1938 Rare LaSalle Opera Coupe that has always been well maintained and garage kept. We purchased the car from the second owner in Richmond, Virginia. The car was driven from Oregon to there in 1950. The owner we bought it from became legally blind a several years later and his son who we dealt with when purchasing the car was diagnosed with the same eye disease.


When we purchased purchased the car, it had been painted just 5 years prior however they two toned the car black and maroon with the fenders being black and the center section of the body maroon. From the factory, none of these cars were ever two toned so we removed both the front and rear fenders, stripped them, and painted them to match the center body section of the car. The paint match is amazing, you can see no difference between the pieces we painted and the ones that were painted before us. We also replated the front and rear bumpers in show quality chrome on both sides. While the fenders were being worked on, we installed all new wheel cylinders, new rubber lines, and a new master cylinder. The pedal is right at the top and the car stops straight and true. We also cleaned the whole fuel system up; we boiled out the gas tank and had it tested and sealed, flushed the fuel lines out and rebuilt the fuel pump. We installed new plug wires, new points, new cap, new condenser, and new plugs as well. The engine purrs like a kitten and has a great sound. We installed all new correct Hampton Coach interior with all premium materials to match the original quality the car came with. All of the interior materials are like what the car would have had from the factory. We repainted all of the interior moldings including the dash board to go with the interior as it would have been originally. All of the gauges work in the dash including the gas hand. The trunk was lined with all new correct linings and it looks outstanding. We sand blasted the wheels and painted them to match the body then pin stripped them. We then installed all new correct tires. There are 6 correct tires and wheels; there is one in each of the fender mounts as well. All of the glass was replaced in the car and we installed all new rubber as well.The car stays straight and true in the road and rides very nicely. The engine makes tons of power for the car, the transmission shifts smoothly through the gears and the clutch holds tight. Overall, this is a magnificent car that is a real pleasure to drive. It gets looks everywhere it goes and would be very competitive at shows. Not many people have seen one of these cars because there were only 708 of these cars produced with the opera seats and the dual side mounts.


Financing and Leasing Available


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